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Business Growth Program

Are you looking to grow your business significantly over the next 2-5 years?

Are you frustrated with the lack of talent in the market, even worse, its actively stopping you from achieving your growth plans!

Idex have long led the way with providing innovative recruitment solutions to our clients, and we have been working hard with a number of firms to provide a new and innovative solution for one of the biggest problems facing growing, forward thinking businesses.

That problem is, simply put, the lack of availability of high performing individuals or teams, stopping you from achieving your growth plans. 

So we created our own solution, the BUSINESS GROWTH PROGRAM


Whether you are an Insurance Broker or IFA firm, this fully integrated solution is tailored to your business objectives and designed to provide you with a steady stream of high performing talent from the "passive" or "inactive" market place. Simply put, we work with you over a period of time, to design and execute an intelligent marketing campaign, based on nurturing talented individuals in a certain niche or specialism, to build a pipeline of high performing individuals for you to recruit when required. 

  • We leverage our extensive database, market connections and follower base to feed information about your business and plans to the type of individuals you are keen to hire…whether you are looking to focus on a particular risk segment, industry sector or simply looking for someone to build out a new division.  
  • This can include blogs, videos, successes and other media, all aimed to increase the candidates interest and engagement in your business, up to the point where we can engage with that person physically – even recording a video interview about the value they could add to your organization. 
  • So when you want to recruit, we have a ready made pipeline of engaged talent ready to go – speeding up the recruitment process and ensuring that you can focus on achieving your growth plans.
  • Additionally, we are able to provide specialist broker consultancy through our own expert Colin McKenna. Colin spent 20 years working for Aviva, advising Brokers on how to grow their business through business development, placement, recruitment and other growth strategies and efficiencies. 
  • We also advise on M&A, utilizing our extensive market connections to put you in touch with likeminded firms that fit your target, who are considering their exit strategies.
Below are 2 case studies showing how we worked with a Broker and an IFA firm to achieve significant growth over a 1 year period!  


Our clients include:
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