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Consultant Spotlight: Happy 7 year IDEX anniversary to Emma Murray

25 Jun 2018

To mark her 7th year at IDEX, we have put the spotlight on Business Manager, Emma Murray and asked her 7 questions about her time here. Here's what she said...


How did you get into recruitment?

When I was looking for a new job, I went to register with a recruitment agency. The registration turned into an interview and I was offered a trainee recruitment role at the agency.

What type of roles do you work on?

I work with national and regional firms on Risk and Compliance roles across the UK. Some recent assignments have included placing roles such as Head of Compliance, T&C Manager, Compliance Monitoring Specialist, Quality Assurance Officer and Risk Manager. 

What makes you stand out from other Recruitment Consultants?

Every Recruiter has their own methods and style, but what differentiates me is that I love what I do and the people that I work with. Everything I do is in the best interest of the candidate and client: to make sure that they both have a positive experience during their job search and hiring process. Finding a job or finding a person can be challenging for all involved; however, it’s important to make the process enjoyable and exciting for everyone whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism.  Specialising in the Risk and Compliance market gives me the advantage when building relationships with clients and candidates as I have the specialist market knowledge and connections; therefore, I am able to understand their needs better than other Recruiters.  

Tell us about your most memorable placement?

It was my first placement, an IFA Administrator in Norwich and I was so excited, I called my Mum to tell her when the candidate had accepted the offer. More recently, I have enjoyed working on an exclusive Assurance Management role with a new client. First of all working with the client, we created a job specification, then I went on to map out all the Assurance Managers within the area and then shortlisted the three best candidates for the role. After three rounds of interviews, we found the client the right match. The candidate got a large pay increase and both the client and candidate were very happy. 

What have been the biggest changes in the market in the past 7 years?

I started recruiting within the financial services sector before RDR came into place and it was a very different world. The biggest changes have involved numerous regulatory ones, but the main challenge has been adapting to the ever-changing world of recruitment. There is so much more competition, making it harder to find candidates; the biggest change, in my opinion, is how we attract candidates. We have to work extra hard; however, I like this as it means that only the best survive and I have managed to survive for a long time so must be doing something right! 

What do you love the most about your job at IDEX?

I love the fact that we do things properly, we always do what we believe is right. The role is challenging but the joy of hearing a candidate cheer with happiness when you deliver an offer cannot be beaten! We also deal with many clients who have a genuine issue by not having someone in place; so providing a solution to a client’s problem is satisfying. 

Give us a random fact about you? 

I once had a dance competition with a famous boyband member. And lost! 

If you looking to for your next hire or role in Risk and Compliance check out Emma's profile here.

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