Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing has grown in popularity in recent years, driven by every businesses need to ensure they are hiring the right individual, first time. Whilst interviewing a candidate will give you a great deal of information on their experience (and even allow you to gauge the potential team fit), with careful use of Psychometric testing you could actually find out additional information on strengths, weaknesses and training needs, allowing you to make a more informed decision.

IDEX are strong advocates of this type of testing, so much so that we use it in our own recruitment process and would strongly encourage our clients to invest in this as part of their recruitment strategy. Particularly as the additional cost of the testing is significantly lower than the cost of hiring the wrong individual.


Our solutions

We are able to offer 2 different solutions to your assessment needs, each designed to assess a distinct set of skills dependent on the level of the role and have been specifically designed to combine accuracy & efficiency, but also to ensure that the “candidate journey” is representative of your brand, meaning an increased buy-in to the process and more accurate responses.


1.      Ability - This is our basic offering, designed to test an applicant’s knowledge in 3 key areas:

·         Verbal

·         Numerical

·         Logical


We utilise “adaptive testing”, where the test actually adapts to candidates ability level, meaning that the test varies the difficulty of the questions, based on the previous responses.  Allowing us to obtain a significantly more accurate representation of ability, while maximising the candidate experience by reducing the number of questions required.


2.      Behavioural

For the last decade, more complex profiling has been done via “Personality tests”, designed to assess what an individual would do in a given set of circumstances. However, IDEX have embraced the next generation of testing, “Behavioural profiling”.


Instead of focusing on what we do in a given circumstance, these tests focus on why we do it, allowing for a more accurate and detailed analysis of the applicant’s personality and therefore an effective predictor of performance at work. This is because we tend to focus more on the kind of tasks we prefer engaging with, and as a consequence we become much more skilled in these areas.


This question format is a more effective way of identifying the candidates true preferences, because it minimizes the risk of ‘faking’ their answers to make a good impression.


When to use Psychometric testing

In the recruitment process

  • As part of a multi-stage recruitment process, whether using our Ability tests for a junior positions or the Behavioural profiling on more senior roles including managerial, client facing or C-level.
  • Assessments provide an independent and scientific measure of a candidate’s competencies, abilities, personality and motivation.
  • Provides guidance on interview questions, allowing you to specifically address areas of concern.
  •  By selecting the most appropriate test, you can ensure that you hire the right person first time, thereby reducing the cost of hire against more traditional processes.


As a Personal / Team Development tool

  • As part of an appraisal review or Learning & Development programme, where Psychometric testing can be used to gain valuable insight into individual strengths and development areas, as well as seeing how the team works together.

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