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Transformation & Change

At IDEX Consulting, we have a deep understanding of the Insurance & Financial Services markets. Across both sectors, historical business models are becoming unsustainable, technology is advancing and many of our clients are now making significant, near continuous efforts to ensure they are future proof. Our specialist team of Consultants provide significant benefits to clients, utilising their thorough knowledge / understanding of the Insurance and Financial Services markets to match the best active or passive individuals in the market with your specification.

If you have a business critical program of change, it is likely that you will need a specialist Transformation or Change Manager to take ownership in order to successfully deliver on the objectives.
Through our unique position in the Insurance & Financial Services markets, IDEX Consulting are able to source and supply Transformation / Change Managers with a wealth of experience delivering or turning around complex change programs or one off projects.

The benefits of appointing a specialist interim Transformation / Change Manager for the duration of a project, versus a "suitable person" internally are significant, when compared to the cost and business implications of getting the wrong person.

Key Benefits of experienced Transformation / Change Managers include:

  • They are able to assess and implement the program of change objectively, without being affected by internal politics, emotional connections or preconceived ideas of what works.
  • This objectivity and a new perspective will lead to a significantly improved process, in line with Board objectives. 
  • Provide effective leadership and transfer of key skills to internal staff.
  • Faster results - An experienced individual has been there before and can 'hit the ground running' faster than up skilling an existing team member.
  • Interim Managers can often start at relatively short notice, allowing them to have a significant impact in a short space of time.

Recent projects include:

  • Transformation Director
  • Change Director;
  • Delivery Directors / Directors of Project & Programme
  • Head of Programme / Head of Delivery
  • Head of PMO
  • Programme Director / Programme Manager / Project Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Programme Office Management
  • Lean Six Sigma; Process Architecture; Process Analyst
  • Risk & Compliance

If you would like to find out more about appointing a permanent or Interim Transformation or Change individual, please contact us and one of our Consultants will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our clients include:
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