Advanced Talent Management for General Insurance, Financial Services and Accountancy & Finance

At IDEX, we help companies to find the right employees for their business and we help professionals to find a role that fits them perfectly. We significantly reduce the time companies spend on their recruitment process and build a better long-term match between Candidates and Clients. Our four step methodology gives employers access to the best talent in their sector and enables them to retain and develop their employees for long-term business success.

Specialising in the General Insurance, Financial Services and Accountancy & Finance markets, we provide:

For Clients                                       

  • Candidate search and selection
  • Advice on recruitment strategies, including job specification creation and on-boarding
  • Assessment centre development and management
  • Interview coaching
  • Recruitment budgeting and forecasting
  • Retention strategies
  • Training and development support

For Candidates

  • 360 degree profile creation through our uCentric programme, enabling a great match in your career search
  • On-going career development support through our uCentric programme
  • Advanced CV creation service
  • Interview techniques coaching
  • Detailed feedback provided from interviews
  • Salary guidance
  • Online and offline training and support
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