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Where will I be in ten years' time?

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Making the leap to a new job shouldn't be hard. Paul Davey is a Business Director at IDEX Consulting, who has been working in insurance recruitment since 2002. After fifteen years at an international recruiter, he made the move to IDEX six months ago, launching our brand-new Manchester office. Here, he shares his story: Leaving a job can be hard, especially when you’ve been there for a significant period of time. In my case, I made the move to IDEX Consulting six months ago, after fifteen years working for an international recruiter in the north of England. Having joined as a trainee, I worked my way up to run their General Insurance sector in the north of England. Naturally, deciding to make the move was hard and not something that happened overnight. The tipping point for me came one day in the office. I thought to myself: ‘Where will I be in ten years’ time?’. I could no longer see a longterm career path that I desired with the company, and from that point I decided it was time to make a move. It was a daunting decision for me, to leave a role and a business where I had grown up professionally and had seen a huge amount of success in. As a recruitment consultant, I’d spent a lot of my career advising people on how to do just that: make the change to a better job sooner rather than later. In my experience, people do often have a hard time deciding to commit to leaving their job, especially if they have deep roots within the business meaning they’re well looked after financially and have the respect of their peers and leaders. Six months ago I had to take my own advice and make a major career move, so I feel it’s now a good time to share the insights that I’ve learned from doing so. Emotional ties are hard to break I perceive myself to be a rational rather than an emotional thinker, but quitting a job with a company that you’ve worked at ever since you entered the job market (and have had a lot of success with) is bound to be upsetting. You’ll have friends at your old workplace that you’re especially close to, and you might not be sure how to start again at a completely new workplace. Though it might be daunting, don’t allow your feelings to cloud your judgement. There will be a reason you’re leaving and regret shouldn’t be enough to hold you back from doing so: instead, focus on the future, and what you’ll be gaining by moving to your new role. Once you’ve settled down in your new company, you can then look forward to building new relationships, whilst also keeping in contact with old friends and colleagues. You need a recruitment consultant & trusted advisor Recruitment is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK for a reason: a good recruitment consultant is invaluable when you’re looking for a job. A recruitment consultant can look at your situation objectively and should act as a trusted advisor to you, guiding you through the recruitment process, whilst also advising you on who to meet, what the market is like and what would best benefit your career. Be bold and trust in yourself For many people, self-doubt and fear of the unknown is a continuous presence- and one that can sometimes stop you from taking that next step. Many people do choose to remain in their job because they lack the self confidence that they can succeed in a new role. It was certainly a barrier I had to overcome in making my move six months ago, as I was filled with self doubt as to whether I would make it outside of my current employer. Thankfully, Matt Green and David Carr were very persuasive and managed to open my eyes to what I could achieve with them. In the past six months since I left, I’ve successfully launched a new office for IDEX Consulting in Manchester, and it’s proven to me that I made the right choice in being bold and taking a risk in making a move. All you need to do is have the courage to take that first step. There is life beyond your old job Taking that step is vital because there is life after your current job- if you’re brave enough to take up the challenge. One of the most common reasons people leave their job is because they feel that their job isn’t engaging them in the same way it used to, so address it. You don’t have to stay at your current role: the job market is rich and diverse, and there are opportunities to explore and seize if you are so inclined. Though it’s a big step, you’ll be rewarded several times over with a job that can fulfil and challenge you in new ways. Take the chance to grow New opportunities will give you the chance to explore new interests, grow in new ways and develop your skills and career in ways that might surprise you. Starting a new job forces you to leave your comfort zone, and with different people to meet and different roles and opportunities to get involved with, you’ll be able to grow as a person in a new environment. Taking the leap For me, working at the heart of such a dynamic and growing company as IDEX Consulting has brought so many more opportunities than I would otherwise have had. As the Director for IDEX in the North of England, I’ve been able to push myself, develop my skills as a recruiter and leader further, and put my own mark on a unique and exciting role. Where will you be in ten years’ time? If the answer doesn’t involve your current company, then it’s time to take the leap. Be brave, pick up the phone to your trusted advisor and start planning your future. At IDEX Consulting, we pride ourselves on making you successful. With our knowledge of the UK Insurance recruitment sector, we can present you with the best career opportunities that can allow you to fulfil your potential, whichever sector you work in. Inspired to take the leap? Browse our vacancies in General Insurance, or take a look at our blog for more insights into the industry. ​