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We are on board. Are you?

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Starting up a TECH business in a traditional market such as insurance is a brave move, but oh my gosh it’s smart! Much like the huge tankers transitioning to electric cargo ships, we evolve, streamline, safeguard and get from A to B more efficiently than ever. Insurtech offers efficiency in a trusting, customer centric solution and has already contributed millions to the UK economy, so it’s a no brainer to get involved in something that’s making waves globally. 

We are on board and we are excited to announce that IDEX have just partnered with InsurtechUK!!!    


It's our business to make you more successful and we get it, we know how hard it is to set up a business. Investing money without an immediate return is a risky game and one our very own Matt Green knows too well.  This is where we come in. We can help and assist new start-up ventures grow and expand whilst managing their recruitment cost, to save money and time. So, you can get on doing what you do best!!

Why us?

2 years ago, I took an unexpected call and on the other end of the phone, a Scotsman passionately excited about his new business proposition and he sold me the dream!!! An idea, supported by local Edge funding and a big hitting investor, was ready to take the market by storm. But…. where do you invest the money without immediate income?? 

Now, I don’t know about you, but I HATE the word no, I like ‘let me see what I can do’ or ‘let’s work something out together. 

So, we scuttled away, back to our recruitment cave (this is where us evil recruiters live) and put together a solution on how we can help our highland friends. 

When we set up Broker Insights and we needed help with recruitment there was only one business I thought about speaking to. I described the job and whilst it was a new concept, Idex picked up on our requirements very quickly and within a very short timescale we had a number of strong candidates on our desks for consideration. We came down to Birmingham and they hosted us brilliantly and the level of candidates ticked every box – indeed we could have easily employed them all.

From speaking to the candidates and other people in the market I know that Idex has been talking about us positively in the market, which as a client is great and an added benefit. When we needed someone in the South, Idex owned that process and set us up with the London office. Which delivered for us again with quality candidates.

Their strengths are clearly dealing with people and getting behind supporting a client with passion. They have a strong network of both potential clients but also people in the industry to bounce ideas off. 

Both Fraser and myself will use Alexandra and Idex as we look to grow our business due to the understanding and support provided.
- EVP at Broker Insights

A happy customer, a valued partner and since then, we have completed many more projects to assist in upscaling new start-ups. 

Why InsurtechUK?

Because we get what they are trying to achieve and honestly, we feel strongly that we can help add value. That’s why we have chosen to partner with InsurtechUK. The value and collaborative support it offers resonates strongly with our own goals and objectives. 

‘InsurtechUK has a mission is to use technology to improve insurance and risk management for customers, and make the UK the best place for innovating insurance in the world

Broadly, the alliance has the short-term goal of engaging with existing stakeholders in the sector - from trade and professionalism associations to UK Government bodies championing the vast potential of the wider U.K. digital economy. We intend to complement not compete with existing conversations. Our voice is that solely of the UK’s growing Insurtech community and our key focus will be on customer.’

There is always room for innovation and ultimately, we are all part of the great circle of insurance life (insert Lion King soundtrack) AKA, The Ecosystem. I love this term defined as a complex network or interconnected system.

The right recruitment partner sits in the system and works with your business to help achieve your goals. We have done this successfully for over a decade with traditional insurance businesses and now we are looking forward to assisting InsurtechUK members, with tailored recruitment solutions that suit their business needs. After all, we are all here to support the market, whether this be through appointment of talent, software to streamline your business, outsourced risk and claims management or even H&S, marketing and legal consul. We are all here to help, not hinder. FABULOUSLY DISRUPTIVE isn’t it?