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Do we still need to use CVs?

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The way that recruitment is done by most agencies is flawed. It doesn’t work. Especially in the legal sector, where there is a distinct lack of Solicitors for each opportunity and an abundance of opportunities. The way recruitment is done is flawed.

But fear not - this is why IDEX have created various innovative solutions to get around this exact problem – helping law firms secure the best Solicitor for each opportunity, and helping law firms achieve their growth plans.

So – after making the right decision to use this solution, this really should negate the need for a candidate to pull a CV together! As we start partnering with more law firms on this basis, will we finally be past the days of asking candidates to write a CV?

One of the most important parts of working with IDEX is that initial meeting when we learn everything about the opportunity and create a market map specific to the role that you are looking to fill. We then use this to target only the individuals who are the best match for your firm. And because of this specific approach – you don’t need to spend countless (and unchargeable!) hours reviewing CVs which are just not right. Instead, you can review a simple deals sheet or a business plan which will make for a much more interesting read…

It also makes for a much better and smoother experience as a candidate. We all know that if you are approached for a role, the last thing you want to hear from that headhunter is, “so if you could send me your current CV?”… Well no, if I had a current CV, Mr (terrible) Headhunter, then I wouldn’t need to be headhunted, surely?!! For me, the candidate experience starts the minute that you engage with me about that particular opportunity – and so I want to make this process as enjoyable for you as possible, and asking you to write a CV will only slow the whole thing down (and probably make you dislike me in the meantime!)

Instead, all parties can focus on the interview; which is where you can really dig into the mechanics of the job and the experience needed and work out if this is a good match!

Let's keep things simple!

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