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IDEX Consulting builds on FS M&A offering

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At IDEX Consulting we are proud to have a strong mergers and acquisitions offering to support professional services’ buyers and sellers across the UK and worldwide, with their acquisitions and sales. Following a successful track record supporting deals over the past 15 years, and a request by clients to set up a bespoke Financial Services M&A service, we have recently defined our FS proposition.

Our established partnerships with a large number of CEO’s and business owners who are active in this space, means that we have the relationships to help FS firms find the right deal. We pride ourselves on working with a selected panel of buyers based on their culture, track record and ability to keep to their commitments.

“In today’s economic landscape, we understand that businesses need to rely on a partner who can navigate the M&A transaction sensitively, managing regulatory requirements and unanticipated financial implications with care and accuracy. Unlike most companies, we are a neutral party in the business working closely with each client to ensure that objectives are closely aligned. Our M&A specialists are qualified experts who understand what is required for a successful match and transaction and, more importantly how to manage the end to end acquisition smoothly, ensuring all due diligence has been completed”, said Tony Bates, Managing Director.

IDEX Consulting managed the sale of Demna Consulting, Pension & Employee Benefits adviser to Aspira Corporate Solutions.

Instead of mass marketing our business, IDEX took a tailored approach. Tony took the time to understand what our business was about, how we worked and in an ideal world what we wanted for our clients. He was exceptionally patient with us and took the time to explain every aspect from the valuation of our business, to timescales and what to expect.

This meant that approaches were made to those potential purchasers who aligned with our values. IDEX handled all of the initial conversations, and introduced us to the decision makers to ensure conversations were held with the people who could move things forward.

Throughout the process, Tony guided us and managed our expectations each step of the way. He made it easy for us to get on with running our business rather than having to stop everything to deal with the potential sale.

IDEX have made the entire process as easy as possible for us and have found us a purchaser who fits closely to our values and those of our clients, as well as negotiating a deal that exceeded our initial expectations - we couldn’t be happier with the outcome”, Vicky Quigley, Director, Demna Consulting Ltd.

Why work with IDEX?

Whether you’re looking to buy, or planning an exit strategy from your own business, we can help you find the right partnership.

Professional and dedicated – The process will be led by one of our M&A experts who have years of experience in the market and will ensure all activities carried out on your behalf are done with transparency, integrity and complete confidentiality.

We save you time and money – We do all the preliminary work, source opportunities for you and help you negotiate a great deal, all the way through to completion.

We are well connected – Our established network means that we can connect your business with viable opportunities.

Stable and reliable buyers – Our buyers are typically individual entrepreneurs, Managing Directors, CEOs and Private Equity firms looking to acquire a UK business. We also assist foreign firms (US and Middle Eastern) who may be looking to gain a foothold in the UK market. Due to our unique connections, we can often find partners that are ripe for acquisition before they even make it to the open market.

Prioritise regulatory and compliance requirements – We conduct all necessary research, background checks and ensure all contractual and legal due diligence is covered to ensure you are protected and financially secure.

 If you are looking for support with the sale or acquisition of your business contact:

James Salmon, Business Manager
07947 748 173

Tony Bates, Managing Director
07534 507 007​