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Corporate Account Handler

Job description

Company: The company is described as having a reputation for excellence and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. This suggests that the company places a strong emphasis on quality and client satisfaction.


  1. Client Portfolio Management: You will be responsible for managing a portfolio of corporate clients. This involves building and maintaining strong relationships with these clients, which is crucial in the insurance industry.
  2. Assessing Insurance Needs: Identifying and assessing the insurance needs of your clients is a fundamental part of the role. You will need to understand their unique requirements and recommend suitable insurance products and solutions accordingly.
  3. Negotiating Insurance Terms: You'll liaise with insurance underwriters on behalf of your clients, negotiating insurance terms and premiums. Effective negotiation is essential to secure favorable deals for your clients.
  4. Policy Administration: Your responsibilities include issuing and administering insurance policies, which encompasses handling renewals, cancellations, and endorsements. Attention to detail is crucial in this aspect of the role.
  5. Client Support: Responding to client queries, concerns, and claims promptly and professionally is essential for maintaining client satisfaction and trust.
  6. Policy Monitoring: You will monitor clients' insurance requirements over time and recommend adjustments to their insurance policies as necessary. This demonstrates a proactive approach to client service.
  7. Record Keeping: Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of clients' insurance policies, claims, and interactions is vital for compliance and ensuring a smooth client experience.
  8. Industry Knowledge: Staying up-to-date with changes in the insurance industry and regulatory requirements is important. Sharing this knowledge with colleagues and clients helps provide informed guidance.
  9. Collaboration: Collaboration with colleagues in other departments, such as claims, risk management, and marketing, is emphasised. This holistic approach ensures clients receive comprehensive service.

The role comes with a competitive salary of £55,000 and offers additional benefits, including a comprehensive benefits package, ongoing training and development opportunities, and the chance to work with a supportive and friendly team of insurance professionals.

In summary, this Corporate Account Handler role in Birmingham offers a well-rounded opportunity for individuals interested in the insurance sector. It involves client management, policy administration, negotiation, and collaboration, with a strong focus on delivering high-quality service to corporate clients.

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