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IDEX launch Employee Benefits Specialism

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Find out what we're doing to shake up the market with the launch of our latest specialist subdivision...

“Fit is the new rich."

There has been a 25% increase in the number of firms with a specific budget for Health and Wellbeing benefits as a result of increased stress and other mental health conditions in the workplace. It’s no surprise: the numbers of Millennials entering the world of work has changed the way we view work-life balance and job satisfaction, whilst the skills shortage currently plaguing the UK economy has created a working environment where companies compete to attract and retain the best employees. 

Now is the ideal time for employers to stand out; Auto-Enrolment has meant that a Pension scheme is offered as standard, but Employee Benefits are now much more than just protecting your finances. As the cost of Healthcare continues to rise, employers are looking to find cost-efficient employee benefits solutions for their businesses to ensure they attract and retain the best candidates. Employers must focus on their short-term cost management whilst employees are looking to reduce the longer-term costs by factoring in employee health, lifestyle choices and productivity.

However, a comprehensive Benefits scheme requires expert insight and advice to create a package which is specific to each firms needs. The demand for Employee Benefits professionals has risen exponentially over recent years, as companies seek to motivate and engage their employees with a workplace solution that is tailored to their needs. 

At IDEX Consulting, based on extensive work in the sector, we predict that this demand will increase even further over coming years. This is why we’re pleased to announce the launch of our “Employee Benefits Specialisms” division. 

The subdivision will be led by Ashlea Walton who has spent 4.5 years recruiting in the Employee Benefits market, supporting senior leadership teams across London and South East. Ashlea also takes responsibility for our key client relationships within EB and senior search nationally.    

Improving the service

Whilst our Financial Services division has always recruited heavily within the Employee Benefits industry, we’re now enhancing our market proposition with a specialist subdivision which will focus solely on Employee Benefits recruitment. We believe that this approach will provide a seamless and unified approach to both national and regional EB firms, allowing us to design and implement a recruitment strategy that is tailored to specific growth strategies.

By doing this, our specialist Consultants will be able to dedicate 100% of their time to actively headhunting passive candidates to develop a continuous pipeline of high calibre, often exclusive Employee Benefits professionals. In turn this will reduce time to fill for active vacancies whilst allowing us to create opportunities for exceptional candidates who can add value to our trusted partners. Speed is key in such a candidate driven market, so working with candidates who aren’t readily available on job boards, ensures our clients get access to the best talent without having to compete with 10 other firms to secure them.

Our candidates are equally important to us; specialising means we are able to provide them with more choice and introduce them to a selection of the best firms in the market in line with their specific career aspirations. Simply put, our range of Employee Benefits jobs are perfectly tailored to candidates and will connect individuals with organisations in which they can thrive.

What changes have we made?

The division will recruit across multiple areas; Employee Benefits Consulting, Group Risk & Healthcare, and Flex & Online and we will be focusing on both the broking and insurer markets. 

We have moved away from lower level support roles, instead concentrating on recruiting those who can support the business objectives to our trusted partners. Where we can add most value is in recruiting established professionals who can support business growth, which will include Consultants, Sales, Managers and Directors. 

Our team of Consultants can support senior leadership teams with their talent attraction strategy nationally, with coverage across London and South East, South West and Midlands, and the North West. We also work collaboratively across the country with a panel of trusted partners to provide high-calibre candidates that we’ve specifically targeted, based on their individual hiring needs. 

IDEX’s core values are to always act as an ethical Employee Benefits recruitment agency to our clients which means we never pro-actively approach their employees. To ensure we can still provide our clients with a variety of talent, we have reduced the number of firms we work with. On our panel we have two tier-one firms, and four tier-two firms that we partner with, giving us free reign to source our client a better choice of talented applicants whether they have a specific vacancy or a rolling brief to source the best talent.

How will this benefit the market?

The launch of the Employee Benefits sub-division will support us in connecting market talent with our clients based on specific requirements. Our clients will benefit from reduced time to fill saving time and resources and candidates will have a better choice of roles and companies.  

We pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding on every aspect of Employee Benefits; we understand exactly what our candidate and clients want, meaning we are able to find not only the right role technically, but also culturally, which is backed up by the fact that 95% of our placements are still within the business after 5 years.

Working with the EB team, you will receive a bespoke service which is specific to your needs; we will conduct a full fact find of your business allowing us to target the most suitable candidates. We understand the frustrations you have as a hiring manager, working with a recruiter but still having to sift through many irrelevant CVs; we are targeted on ratios and we are confident that you will only receive high calibre, suitable candidate profiles.

Take advantage of our expertise with IDEX Consulting

51% of employees in the UK are considering a new job. Take advantage of that to build an Employee Benefits Team that shines with an Employee Benefits Specialism division that is tailored to your needs. 

Any questions about employee benefits recruitment? Why not contact us directly, or find out more about the Client Services that we offer here?