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The launch of Compliance Specialisms

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Announcing the launch of our Compliance Specialisms sub-division...

The Compliance sector is growing. Since the 2008 financial crash, an increased awareness of the need for transparency, accountability, and responsibility in the market has given rise to a whole host of new regulations designed to protect customers and their data. 

However, more disruption is on the horizon. Since the announcement of Brexit, demand for trained compliance professionals has skyrocketed, and this demand is expected to continue well into 2019, as businesses grapple with the regulatory and economic ramifications of the changing market. 

With Brexit, the rising importance of RegTech, and new regulations like MiFID II and the GDPR to take into account, it’s no wonder that 79% of employers recruited for compliance positions in 2017- and that 69% of employers are planning to in 2018. Perhaps in contrast to much of the market, compliance is a healthy, and growing, sector that will only become more important as the economic landscape adapts to the changes taking place.

With this in mind- and with demand for roles in client specialisms and compliance rising- we at IDEX Consulting are proud to announce the launch of our new Compliance Specialisms sub-division. Spearheaded by Business Manager, Emma Murray, who has specialised in compliance within the Midlands for the last eight and a half years, we’re very excited to grow our service and expand our offering to all parts of the UK over the coming months. 

Targeting passive candidates

This new division was created to provide clients with a more comprehensive, tailored solution to their recruitment needs. IDEX Consulting want to leverage the expertise of their Consultants to specialise in targeting mid to senior-level roles across the market, helping to place people who will make a real difference to their organisation. Covering all sectors of Financial Services, the new division will offer contingency solutions and Retained Solutions from our team of recruitment experts, each with their own, in-depth knowledge of the local market.

Our existing team is purely focussed on ensuring that we source the best passive candidates who can meet the industry’s highly regulated standards. Given the high demand for roles, our Compliance Specialisms team will also work to build a pipeline of quality, senior-level individuals who can easily be sourced and matched to new roles. As a result, we are able to reduce time-to-hire and easily secure the best person for the role, regardless of how niche the job description might be. 

To find out more about our Retained Solutions method, and what it can do for you, take a look here

Benefitting the market

Our new sub-division will also provide significant benefits to both clients and candidates. We pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding on every aspect of Compliance, and our network of contacts and insider knowledge means we can source the perfect active and passive candidates for the role at hand, quickly and easily.

Indeed, we can provide a tailored approach that will get better results, more often. Though the costs might be higher, we provide a bespoke, well-managed service where we work to create a close working relationship between the client and our team. Following several meetings and discussions, our in-depth understanding of their needs, matched with our expert understanding of the market, means we can find the perfect match for the role first time. Given that it often takes up to a month for a candidate to be hired in the UK, we can save the client valuable time and money by providing the answers from the start. As a result, we are trusted to provide good-quality candidates, and quality candidates can trust us to promote their best interests.

Our attention to detail pays off: 94% of the placements we make through Retained Solutions are still at the same company two years on. We don’t just fill roles. We find the right candidates for roles. 

Hire for success with IDEX Consulting

Our new Compliance Specialisms sub-division has already had several successes since its launch, filling roles for several Heads of Compliance, Policy Specialists and even a Head of Learning and Development. This is only the start, though, and we’re excited to share our journey with you by building a Compliance Specialisms team that is tailored to your needs.  

Any questions? Why not contact us directly, or find out more about the Client Services that we offer here?