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Recruitment for individuals in financial services: Discover more at this year’s NMA roadshows

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The financial services market has seen strong performance in recent years, with IFAs increasingly looking at new ways to secure the market’s top talent and grow their business. At IDEX, we pride ourselves on matching the right financial services candidates with local and national IFA businesses, and we’ve built up a wealth of knowledge on what clients can be doing to ensure they’re attracting and securing the best people to boost their business. 

At this year’s NMA roadshows, Managing Director Tony Bates will be taking 15 years’ of experience recruiting in the financial services sector on the road. Presenting at all five legs of the roadshow, he’ll be helping businesses market themselves better to paraplanners, independent financial advisors, managing directors, compliance specialists and other candidates through the financial services industry. 

About the New Model Advisor (NMA) roadshows

This year is the fifth iteration of the NMA roadshows, which sees financial services industry professionals come together at venues around the country for presentations and discussions on what’s impacting the industry. Originally focusing purely on investment, the roadshows have since expanded their scope and this year will be focusing on subjects as diverse as cyber security and working with vulnerable clients. There will also be ongoing discussion around future-proofing the industry and the next generation of both advisors and clients, alongside conversations around positive impact investing.

This year’s roadshow details are as follows:

  • Manchester, 8 May: Topics will include cybersecurity and how people can get hacked as well as computers, fund manager strategy sessions, attracting younger clients and recruiting the best talent

  • Glasgow, 9 May: A similar format to Manchester but with panel discussion changes, including how young people are reshaping financial service professions

  • Chepstow, 14 May: Speakers include Julie Lord of Personal Finance Society’s financial planning panel, discussing how advisors can provide a better service to vulnerable people 

  • Bournemouth, 16 May: More discussion on identifying and catering to vulnerable clients, along with a panel debate on recruitment

  • London: 21 May: Tony will provide advice on how firms can use branding to attract the best talent, featuring insights from IDEX’s research on this. There will also be a debate about environmental, social and governance investing 

What Tony is bringing to the table

With significant depth of experience in recruitment for financial services, Tony is passionate about the industry and how businesses can better equip themselves to recruit the best people.

He’ll be discussing challenges firms face when recruiting financial services professionals as well as sharing success stories from businesses who are doing it well, providing plenty of advice on what IFAs can be doing to make themselves visible and appealing to top candidates. He’ll also be sharing insights gained from analysing IDEX’s database around what candidates are looking for in a firm.

We know that IFAs throughout the industry are keen to grow and run successful businesses, but there isn’t always the understanding of how recruitment plays such a significant role in this. Tony is committed to helping clients improve their recruitment processes and become better at planning strategies, identifying gaps in their existing talent pool and engaging with candidates to help fill those gaps. He’ll be focusing on branding and what businesses can be doing to make themselves more visible and appealing in the market, particularly when it comes to showcasing company culture.

Join the discussion at the NMA roadshows

The roadshows provide a great opportunity to engage with other thought leaders, learn more about best practice and ensure you have all the information you need to help make your business – and the overall industry - better. Providing an overview of financial markets with a CPD accreditation, the roadshows are free to attend and highlight a broad range of challenges and opportunities in our industry today.

If you’re interested in how IDEX can help you find your next role or attract the best financial services talent, contact Tony Bates to start a conversation, or view more of our industry insights here.