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8 Reasons why you should be working with a Recruitment Consultant

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Developments in technology over the recent years have unleashed a host of choices for any candidate in the job market, which can be seen both as beneficial and confusing. With hundreds of online job boards, recruitment sites and professional networking platforms, candidates often get a false sense of security that they are able to efficiently manage their own search.

So, the question is, why would working with a Recruitment Consultant be the best move you could make?

1. Hiring Managers talk to specialist Recruitment Consultants first 

Recruitment agencies are becoming increasingly popular and more businesses are relying on their expertise to not only recruit vacant positions, but to introduce them to candidates who are able to assist the business in reaching their goals. This approach has caused a shift in recent years to placing candidates, as opposed to just filling jobs.

Whilst this approach benefits companies by improving retention rates and often reduces training needs, it is also beneficial to you because your Recruitment Consultant can ensure that you are well suited to a particular company and will have relationships in place to be able to create a role for you, allowing you to progress in the future. 

2. You will become twice as efficient

You are more than likely to already be at work, you may even be at your desk whilst you read this! With work commitments as demanding as ever candidate work-life balance is dramatically reducing. It is increasingly hard to dedicate any time to researching the job market, even if you’re “just looking”. Specialist Recruiters are in your market day in, day out and are continuously engaged with Hiring Managers who are looking to grow their teams and speak to professionals who possess specific skill sets in line with their business objectives. 

Whilst you only have limited time, it is likely that you will only be skimming the surface of opportunities available to you; a lot of roles are advertised on the likes of Monster, Reed or CV Library to name but a few. With the majority of the market looking at the same opportunities, you are not gaining access to what’s actually available. You wouldn’t just look on Prime Location for a new house would you? I appreciate that the internet is a great invention but by building a longer term relationship with a specialist Recruiter in your profession, multiple, customised and relevant opportunities can be scouted for you allowing you to focus on enjoying your life. 

3. Roles are suddenly more relevant

By developing a professional working relationship with a Recruiter, they will fully understand what you’re looking for. The first thing I do is conduct a full fact find of your requirements in the early stages which allows me to match your personality, must-haves and goals to businesses who are able to accommodate your professional and personal circumstances, as well as potentially suggesting ideas which may not have originally crossed your mind. I do not mass mail you with random roles that are miles away from your salary expectations, location and job title. What would be the point?

Ashlea was very professional, organised and most importantly, personable throughout my whole recruitment process. She assiduously took the time to understand the type of position I was looking for before helping me to attain a great new role with a highly prestigious firm.
- Financial Planner at Smith and Williamson

4. You’ll shine on paper

Rather than simply submitting your CV for a generic job, a Recruiter will make the most of their relationship with you when they are presenting your details to potential companies: they are able to promote your personal brand including your strengths and assets. The Recruiter will also assist the Hiring Manager to establish the similarities between your experience and the opportunity available. You will find that this often creates new roles in itself as it encourages clients to think outside the box and demonstrate your skills in a variety of settings. 

5. You’ll understand your worth

When positioning yourself to a prospective employer, it can sometimes be difficult to get across to the Hiring Manager what your salary and package expectations may look like for fear of not wanting to sound “greedy” or only interested in the opportunity for the financial gains. It is important to understand your worth for two reasons: 

1. You don't undersell yourself
2. You don't price yourself out of the market

A Consultant will be able to highlight your expectations with greater ease, making the process smoother and more enjoyable. By engaging in this way, the Hiring Manager will be educated in regards to expectations before you have even met with them. In addition to this, when the process reaches offer stage, it is much easier to manage if any negotiations are required. This will not only save you time but removes any emotional attachments which could get in the way of achieving the desired outcome.

6. You get free Interview preparation advice and mentoring 

It is extremely difficult to fully prepare for an interview if you are clueless as to what your prospective employer is looking for from it. Your Recruitment Consultant works with you, on a daily basis if needs be, to ensure that your interview preparation has been tailored to the specific role and client process. 

Most recruitment processes follow a similar structure: an informal meeting to establish needs from both parties, more information about the business and the about the role in greater depth. Usually, a second stage would include competency-based questioning in addition to technical tests if applicable. With no guidance from a Recruiter, it may be difficult to formulate the best answers and may harm your chances of securing the position.

7. Market knowledge is shared with you  

You can get great information through your Recruitment Consultant if you build an established and trustworthy relationship. A well-connected Consultant can provide a great insight into market trends, as well as providing useful information on several factors such as: salary/benefit guidelines, required skills, how you can best impress a client based on their specific needs and background information on a company, their culture and other relevant news.

8. I only get paid when you’re hired! 

I know that a job can change your life, that’s why I love doing what I do! The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) are also continuously supporting my profession so we can create opportunities for success for people, businesses and the economy. Some of the latest success stories can be watched here:

My number one goal in all, is to make you more successful. I take a lot of pride in what I do and for this I’m rewarded with a commission - it’s no secret. The process ensures that you will join one of my clients, so until that happens, it is in my best interest to make sure you are fully educated, prepared, coached and happy.