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Stuart McKenna - Unplugged!

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Ah, the MTV Unplugged series.

Who can remember some of those iconic performances?

  • Nirvana in New York, arguably one of their finest.

  • Eric Clapton, a true genius at work and who can forget his acoustic version of the classic Layla.

  • Even Oasis in London. The one with Liam’s legendary heckling from above.

The shows were memorable. Why…

Well because the artists were stripped back. You got to see the bones of the band without any distortion. You had that insight into what they were really like and the truth behind their playing.

In contrast to the professional world, where people hide behind their PCs and the corporate lingo used every 10 mins. Nobody really saying what they are all about. We should perhaps be a bit more open, even vulnerable?

Well, having just moved to my new role at Idex Consulting I thought that now would be a good time to do my own version of “Unplugged”. The chance to see the real me, I guess.

Thankfully (for everyone) my days of turning up at parties with an acoustic guitar are long gone, so this is going to stick within the professional space.

Like most recruiters, I fell into the world of recruitment by chance. A friend had worked in the sector and said it would be good to get into.

“The riches will be beyond your wildest dreams” he said. “You’ll love it”!

Fast forward 15 years and that’s partly true. No riches yet, but I do love it.

From my early career days in logistics recruitment through to the last 10 years or so in general insurance, I have developed my own style within the industry.

With more of a modest and methodical way about me, I try my best to level with people. I’ve always been trained to see things from the other persons view. Put myself in your shoes, so to speak.

Its allowed me to always try and understand what actually makes someone tick. What drives a person. Who is the human behind the CV. Who is person behind the business.

It’s an approach which has served me well so far and completely ties in with Idex’s methodology of supporting professionals to achieve their own goals.

It’s a genuine interest I have in my own industry. Recruitment is an area where many people come and go. Promises of high earnings and quick wins are all over the place and rarely accurate.

What I have found throughout my own time in the industry is that true recruiters (those who are actual ‘consultants’) have taken years to learn their craft. They know how to read people. How to be creative. How to challenge thinking.

A bit of a recruitment geek, I have always been interested in the future of the industry. Where is recruitment going to be in 5, 10 years. How can I improve and do my job better.

I use technology to enhance the recruitment process for candidates and hiring managers. Like most areas in modern life, tech improves it in many ways. Recruitment is no different.

I’m lucky to have so many tools at my disposal now to make recruitment as interesting and as fun as possible. Anyone who has seen my output on LinkedIn will see I try to push the boundaries a bit and with such a talented team behind me now, I can only strive to get better every day. 

So, for me, the remit at Idex Consulting is very clear.

I work with leaders and business owners to help them achieve their own professional goals.

Essentially, I provide smart recruitment and brand solutions which allow their businesses to grow, diversify or change. Everything is tailored to suit, there are no ineffective, “standard” solutions here.

I also work with individuals to understand their own career ambitions and what success looks like to them.

My job is to help achieve these goals by identifying opportunities in the insurance industry and providing a clear, concise recruitment management service.

I work with the broking, underwriting and senior claims markets across Scotland.

So no fuzz, no distortion or flashing lights. That’s me, unplugged.

Contact me to find out more, or even to discuss the opportunities available in the Scottish Insurance market!