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A guide to self-promotion: It's not arrogant to promote yourself.

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Do you find it difficult to talk about yourself? Most people do, it’s a seemingly very British trait!

We all have a personal brand. However, not many of us actually know how to use our brand to advertise ourselves.

Do you ever sit and think about all the things you are good at or have achieved? It’s sometimes hard to remember all the good points, as many of us naturally seem to dwell on what we don’t do that well instead.

How can you use self-promotion to get your dream job? In this blog I look at top points on becoming a pro at promoting your personal brand and why it’s important when applying for a new role.

Why should I promote my personal brand?

Your personal brand is a combination of your skills, experiences and outward persona which ultimately make you who you are.

Promoting your personal brand is more important than ever these days, especially when applying for a new job. Employers are increasingly turning to social media in the hiring or referencing process, with70% admitting to using social media to screen potential candidates and 43% using social media to check on current employees. So, are you highlighting your successes and skills on your social profiles? It might be a good idea to do so, or at least think twice before posting that awkward pic from a drunken night out!

When interviewing for a new job, it is more than likely that your interviewer will have a copy of your CV in front of them. Does your CV reflect your personal brand? It is often hard to fill in the ‘Successes’ section on your CV, in fact some people may only highlight the obvious, such as qualifications and work experience. But what about your achievements? Achievements that make you, you!

By highlighting your personal brand you stand a better chance of differentiating yourself against any fellow interviewees.

Your personal brand also works in conjunction with your business profile. Having a strong personal brand is good for business, especially when attending events and conferences, as essentially you are representing yourself and the company.

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How to promote your personal brand

A good starting point is to make yourself a list of what you would brag about, essentially a ‘brag file’. What would you tell an interviewer to impress them?

Once you have created a list of your achievements, successes and skills you will need to look at where you can embed this into your social media profiles and your CV. The most obvious place to start here is on your LinkedIn profile. Everyone should have a LinkedIn profile, as it serves as a window into your working world; your specialism, successes, projects, testimonials and qualifications. It only takes 15 minutes to set up and can have a huge impact on your career prospects, as well as giving you access to one of the largest social media & business networking platforms in the world. You can see a bit more about this particular topic here.

Applying your personal brand

It is important to be consistent with your personal brand. Make sure you apply it during the interview stage and when you’ve landed the job. Standing out from the crowd could bring opportunities to the table that may not have come your way, if you hadn’t emphasised what you are good at and why.

You’ve done the hard part – listing all your successes and skills. All you have to do now is talk about them, show them and apply them to the relevant situation (i.e. an interview or maybe a workplace scenario). Don’t be afraid to give your opinion or speak up when it is necessary, as it could be the reason you get promoted or tasked with an important job.