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How we used our innovative solutions to attract top talent for NIG...

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NIG came to us with 18 vacancies across multiple divisions and locations across the UK.

They had found it challenging to find and attract the right level of talent using their traditional methods of advertising and wanted a rapid, quality led solution, that delivered options for all of their vacancies, and ultimately the right talent in the right locations.

Our solution

IDEX and NIG set up a joint project team to manage the volume of vacancies. We worked on a talent attraction strategy which included; promoting their brand, values and opportunities to an audience of underwriters, technical wording specialists, risk surveyors, and business development managers across the UK.

We created a virtual opening evening that gave candidates the opportunity to hear from the NIG senior leadership team, as well as meet with them both confidentially and informally, prior to applying for any roles.

We promoted the event via social media using video clips of the leadership team speaking about their successes. This provided invaluable insight into a career at NIG and helped to not only transform the perception of the NIG brand for a passive talent audience but subsequently drove a huge amount of interest in a career with NIG.

Did their investment in people pay off?

Through the combination of our marketing delivery with the experience and geographical spread of our team of 15 GI consultants, we were able to attract a large number of new professionals to the open vacancies. This resulted in over 15 new hires being offered within a period of just 12 weeks.

"NIG chose to work with IDEX because they offered a fresh approach to recruitment that would make a stand out difference at a time when recruiting was an over-crowded space.

Through our engagement we jointly devised something that provided a USP to attracting talent, with a bespoke service of follow up and negotiation to land the best candidates for the roles."

- Sonya Bryson, Managing Director, NIG

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