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UI Developer

Job description

My client is a one of the world's leading solution providers. The business works across a number of sectors such as Telco, Insurance, Commerce & Industry and Banking.

The business is currently supporting one of their key clients on a large multi-year platform build which is mainly being built from JavaScript.

We are looking for a number of skilled UI / JavaScript Developers to focus on the Front End of this project who are able to be on the clients site in Bournemouth at least 3 days a week.

You will be working with some of the most cutting edge Front End technology.

Must Have Experience:

  1. Experience writing JavaScript - Strong with modern JavaScript, outside of pure HTML/DOM scripting; e.g., coding NodeJS APIs, or coding business logic of any kind in JavaScript will help tremendously
  2. Experience with TypeScript (or equivalent) - Strong with TypeScript, or at least some statically-typed language, such as C# or Java
  3. Experience with ReactJS
  4. Experience with ReactJS hooks
  5. Experience with asynchronous programming and debugging techniques - E.g., writing functions with promises (or equivalent) and debugging race conditions
    1. Any experience building real-time, push-based notification systems is a huge plus
    2. Professional experience with RxJS is a huge plus
  6. Experience with state management and design techniques not dependent on Redux - E.g., any of the standard design techniques used in C# desktop or web applications (global singletons, MVVM, MVC, MVP, layered architectures, configuration-driven design, etc.) and Java APIs (factory pattern, decoupling, modular architecture, interfaces, etc.)
  7. Experience developing new functionality in JavaScript outside of ReactJS, (more than bug fixes/small enhancements) - E.g. business logic libraries, handling cross-cutting concerns like telemetry and diagnostics, designing and building custom abstractions around fetching data from APIs, and persisting/fetching user settings in local and remote storage

If you are a JavaScript Developer looking for a new challenge and want to work with the latest UI technology please apply now and I will be in touch shortly.

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