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Mergers & Acquisitions

IDEX Consulting has experience of providing assistance within Mergers & Acquisitions across Insurance, Financial Services and the Legal industry. Whether you are looking to buy, or planning an exit strategy from your own business, we have strong relationships with a huge number of CEO’s and Business Owners who are active in this space.

While M&A activity has always been prominent in the UK Professional Services sector, we are seeing a large spike in activity right now, providing a great deal of opportunity for both buyers and sellers in the UK.

For some there are distressed businesses that can be identified, and with nominal investment, businesses can increase their portfolio with possible acquisitions. On the flip side there are robust firms looking for the next acquisition or bolt hole and we have a number of contacts looking to invest.

For sellers
If you are a Business Owner and are thinking about your exit strategy, so you can finally take a back seat and enjoy the fruits of your labour, acquisition has long been the primary exit route for many business owners.

However, the main factor holding owners back has been a lack of knowledge of the process, how to start making the right connections and ultimately, how to get a realistic valuation for your life’s work.

We know it’s a complex and time consuming process, but IDEX work closely with a broad range of firms looking to acquire, as an independent introducer that helps you to find and complete the right deal.
Unlike most companies, we are a neutral party in the business relationship, our goal is to put you in touch with the right partner, then guide you through the process using our vast experience.

For buyers
Are you are considering expansion into a new region, looking to add a new specialism or simply want to drive the growth of your business by bolting on another business. In which case, acquisition is a very effective way to achieve this.

In addition to using our extensive market intelligence to source a list of potential firms that meet your requirements, we make sure you have all the information you need to make a well informed decision. We have spent nearly 15 years gathering valuable information on firms in our sectors and forging strong working relationships with the owners of these businesses.  This allows us a unique ability to facilitate a conversation about your objectives - a distinct approach to acquisition that goes far beyond other solutions available.

Whether you are buying or selling, we aim to help YOU to find the right partnership to achieve both parties objectives.

  • Highly professional and dedicated
    We have been helping our clients with acquisitions for many years and have a strong track record of success. The process will be led by one of our Managing Directors, who each have c20 years’ experience in the market and will ensure all activities carried out on your behalf are done with transparency, integrity and complete confidentiality.
  • We are experts in the UK Insurance, Financial Services & Legal markets
    Unlike many business brokers, we have lived in our core markets and have built up personal relationships with the key personnel. This gives us a unique insight in to the firm, as well as significant market intelligence gained through decades of actively trading as a partner.
  • We save you time and money
    We know from experience that it takes many hours of work, searching and negotiating, before a business purchase deal is on the table. This is time you may not be able to afford and that’s where IDEX can help. We do all the preliminary work, source opportunities for you and help you negotiate a great deal, all the way through to completion.
  • The buyers we work with
    Our buyers are typically individual entrepreneurs, Managing Directors, CEOs and Private Equity firms looking to acquire a UK business. We also assist foreign firms (US and Middle Eastern) who may be looking to gain a foothold in the UK market.
  • How we work
    We search for the business you want to partner with, carry out all the research and background checks, then we approach the decision makers on your behalf. Due to our unique connections, we can often find partners that are ripe for acquisition before they even make it to the open market. We work for you, to deliver the results you want.


Next Steps?

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

For General Insurance or Legal enquiries, please speak to David Carr, Managing Director (General Insurance & Legal)

For Financial Services enquiries, please contact Tony Bates, Managing Director (Financial Services)

We will then to arrange to meet with you to discuss the process, your requirements and create a plan of action for the next steps.


Our clients include:
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