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Sarah Brown

Business Director

​"I joined IDEX because I liked the culture and am very interested in helping build their CSR offering."


Mobile: 07818 529 548 | E-mail:

With a recruitment background spanning over 28 years, Sarah joined IDEX to focus on Change and IT within the Insurance sector. She has extensive relationships within the insurance market and uses her voice to work with organisations, building out Diverse & Inclusive talent forces within the specialism.  

As an ambassador at EIDA and with the help of her mentor Dame Inga Beale, Sarah works to encourage companies in supporting victims of domestic abuse. Alongside this and sitting on the committee of the IFN, she works alongside Lloyd’s of London on their mission to attract and embed diverse talent across the market.

Sarah’s impressive network means she’s well placed in pursuing her passion of helping organisations foster and successfully embed DEI & CSR. As a Business Director within General Insurance at IDEX, Sarah has a wealth of knowledge she’s ready to share, furthering a businesses’ diverse talent strategy. 

Sarah splits her spare time between her other passion, horse riding, and her daughter Scarlett.  

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